Are there any flight instructors available for private pilot training?

Arapahoe Flight Club in Colorado Springs is a professional flight training school that offers pilot training. CPA Review CMA Review CIA Review EA Review CPE AFSP Academy Login FAQs Technical Support Product Updates. Flight training at our Boulder, Colorado facility is taught by our chief flight instructor, an aviation professional for more than 37 years. ATP, CFI, CFII and MEI, with more than 11,000 flight hours in total and more than 7500 double flight hours.

As I grow as a pilot, I will need more training and I would like to be able to count on AFIT for my future training needs. After reviewing the flight maneuvers, patterns and knowledge of a private pilot (ground school), they gave me a previous solo test and, on the third day, I did my solo test. I still have a hard time believing that in just 2 weeks I went from having zero flight experience to passing my private pilot exam. John showed me that I am capable of more than tiptoeing through complex airspace, because now I have successfully done it alone and have earned my private pilot's license.

He did everything he could to make me a better pilot and to ensure that I had the right knowledge and skills to be a safe pilot. After receiving my private pilot's license and returning home, I went out to find a charter plane at the local airport. Being a private pilot with very little time, instrument qualification seemed a long way off, but his fast, intense and “realistic” method was the perfect choice, as my work and family keep me very busy. From day one, both Abe and Fady gave me the impression of being CFIs who are really passionate about getting student pilots to pass the threshold to become certified pilots.

I highly recommend this program and John as an instructor to anyone who wants to earn their private pilot certificate in a short period of time. After about 50 hours of classes spread over 13 months and never alone, I decided to look for other ways to complete my training, because at the pace I was going, it seemed like I would never get my private pilot's license. Earlier this year, my friend told me about AFIT and how he was able to get his private pilot's license in just two weeks. Getting a private pilot certificate in two weeks is not easy, but with John's instructions, I didn't find it difficult at all.

Many thanks to Tom, my instructor in Salt Lake City, Utah, for meticulously preparing me for my successful private pilot trip.