How often must i take a written exam during private pilot training?

The test results are valid for 24 calendar months. It may seem like enough time until problems arise with weather conditions or the availability of the aircraft, the instructor, and the designated examining pilot. It's frustrating (and expensive) to have to retake the exam. The FAA private pilot knowledge exam is held at computer testing centers approved and designated by the FAA.

The FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Exam is a test that potential pilots must take on their trip to obtain their private pilot's license. Focusing on one area of knowledge at a time and completing its requirements before starting flight training made becoming a private pilot less daunting for me. You can get it from an FAA-approved pilot school, from an FAA-certified ground or flight instructor, from an agency with a ground training program, or from a supplier of aeronautical study material. One of the most frequently discussed topics is when to complete the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) private pilot knowledge exam before starting flight training, somewhere in between, or just before attempting a private pilot test.