Are there any insurance options available for aircraft used in private pilot training?

Student pilots usually rent the planes they fly, and often the machines are not covered by the owner's policy. If you take out insurance for student pilots, which includes civil liability for lessees or non-owners of the aircraft, you will be protected if you suffer bodily injury or damage to property while attending classes. Members can also take advantage of Avemco's Safety Rewards discounts, which can reduce premiums by up to 10% when pilots complete approved flight training. A private jet insurance policy is an annual aircraft insurance policy that is specifically designed to provide coverage against physical damage, aircraft hull insurance, civil and medical liability insurance, and provides legal defense to those who hold the insurance policy for private aircraft.

The FBO also requires that pilot students have their own insurance before doing any type of solo training on FBO aircraft. The Aircraft Owners Association, with 26% of Pilots (AOPA), collaborates with Assured Partners Aerospace to provide aviation insurance to pilots with special offers for AOPA members. There are several types of aviation insurance coverage that cover different aspects of the private jet aircraft and, apart from the aircraft itself, your policy will cover any damage you may cause to the property, to the aircraft's crew, or to any of the passengers on the private jet. Pilots who don't make a living flying are often charged more for life insurance than commercial pilots, and inexperienced pilots tend to pay the most.

The policy may include an open warranty for pilots, but it's always a good idea to include every pilot in the policy.