Are there any scholarships or grants available for private pilot training?

At the Colorado Pilots Association, we recognized the need to continue to increase the pilot population in Colorado. To that end, we have taken a dual approach: we offer scholarships for private pilots and training certified flight instructors. There are many organizations across the country that offer aviation-related scholarships. See our list of resources for more information.

While this aviation scholarship is for those who have not yet earned their private pilot certificate, applicants must be able to complete the training program within 12 months, if selected. The AAERO Scholarship strives to help committed aviation students complete flight school in a timely and effective manner. The Ninety-Nines is an organization that has been inspiring women pilots since 1929 and they have more than 30 different aviation scholarships available, some of which are based on their location. With more than 30 different types of scholarships and awards available, the Aviation Education and Careers Expo aims to help young aviation enthusiasts continue their education.

Aviation is an exciting and very attractive profession. With career opportunities ranging from flying innovative aircraft to working in air traffic control, the field encompasses a wide range of exciting interests and challenges. Naturally, you'll face some financial challenges along the way. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible to earn an aviation degree.

Scholarships and grants can defer flight expenses and help you eliminate general college expenses, such as tuition and books. There are specific aviation scholarships, several of which are listed below. From flight training to technical training, emergency maneuvering training and more, Amelia Earhart Aviation Scholarships are intended to support women in all areas of their aviation careers. Each year, the Santa Rosa section of the Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots awards a scholarship to a local female pilot.

The Foundation will award flight instruction scholarships to potential students who obtain private pilot certification. Members as young as 99 years old who are interested in receiving training and education in the field of aeronautics and aerospace can participate, and include scholarships for additional pilot certificates and qualifications, jet-type qualifications, university degrees and technical training. Applicants must already hold a valid private pilot certificate; the scholarship is intended for advanced training in aviation; the applicant must submit a professional resume and include a letter of recommendation related to aviation skills. AOPA flight training grants can be used to cover flight training expenses if it is a matter of obtaining a main pilot certificate or an advanced degree.